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Our product material


Our product material

  •  Plastic bottle production process

  • Glass bottle production process

Plastic material:

Our plastic products are mainly made of PE plastic and PET plastic. They are available in various types such as smoke oil bottle series, dropper bottles and plastic jars.                                             


Glass bottle material:

Our glass bottle products are mainly glass dropper bottles, glass paste bottles, glass perfume bottles and other products. The process mainly includes spraying, sanding and sanding spraying processes.                                        


Aluminum material:

Aluminum products mainly include aluminum spray bottles, aluminum cans, aluminum boxes and other products.                           


Bamboo and wood products:

Our bamboo and wood products are mainly bamboo and wood dropper bottles, bamboo and wood paste bottles, bamboo and wood lipstick tubes, bamboo and wood spray bottles, and other products. The bamboo and wood products are natural in materials and refined in technology.                               


  • Aluminum bottle process


  • Bamboo processing

Our products are made of high-quality materials, strictly control the raw materials of the products, and ensure the quality of the products. We focus on the development of new products, control every detail of the product, and pursue unique design and practicality.

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